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Seize the OPPORTUNITY on the job market

Maximize your chances on the job market through this application, tailored for the needs of the best school of economics. Finding a job has never been easier.

You will get the job that’s right for you! How?

Práce na míru

Modern, simple, cool! And free of charge! You just need to register and you are ready to receive tailor-made offers for jobs and both paid and unpaid internships from our partners. "Práce na míru" helps our students as well as our alumni.

Further benefit of the "Práce na míru" application is its connection to the Šance job fair.

Your future is in your hands and you are the one, who decides how it will look. Register here:

"Práce na míru" includes short version of the standardized MBTI personality type test used in HR. Completing the test shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes. Through this feature, you will get familiar with this kind of personality tests that you are likely to encounter at most job interviews, so you can anticipate the results of such testing in advance. We hope you will find this feature helpful.

In case of any questions you can contact us at rpc@vse.cz.

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